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When you need the best coffee in Hickory, NC, at an affordable price, we’re your best option.

Although everyone argues about what makes for the best coffee, one thing most people agree on is that it has to be fresh, hot and ready when you need it. When you need that jolt of caffeine, any time of the day or night, come see us at Cubbard Express. With convenient locations throughout Hickory, NC and the surrounding area, you are likely just minutes away from a hot, steamy, fresh cup of the best coffee you can imagine.

It used to be that going to a gas station for a cup of java was a great social event, but it sure wasn’t very tasty. It made you wonder just what they did with that leftover oil from serving vehicles! You knew that having the best coffee sure wasn’t high on their list of priorities. That’s not the case at Cubbard Express. We make sure we always have delicious, hot and fresh coffee ready for you. On top of that, we make sure everything you need to doctor it up is right there handy for you. After all, sometimes the best coffee is the one you can have in your hand the fastest.

When you need the best coffee, at an affordable price, we’re your best option. No waiting in line and no over-the-top fancy prices, either.  Coffee doesn’t need to be complicated, and neither does pouring a cup and getting on with your day. Let our friendly staff help you make your purchase quickly, so you can get on to enjoying the best coffee in the Hickory area.