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SnacksWe’ve all been there– you’re filling your gas tank when your stomach starts to growl. You’ve been eating healthy lately, trying to lose a few pounds, but could really use a snack to get you through your day. “Can I really eat anything healthy at a convenience store?” You may ask yourself. At Cubbard Express, we recommend these 6 convenient store snacks that will keep you on your diet.

  1. Trail Mix- When selecting a trail mix, try to shy away from the ones filled with candy.  If you stick to a trail mix that consists of nuts, seeds and dried fruit, you will fill your body with protein, healthy fats and fiber.
  2. Fruit- Grab a banana, apple, orange, or a variety of our seasonal fruits we have in stock. A piece of fruit as a snack provides you with healthy fructose and carbs that are sure to give you the “pick me up” you need.
  3. Beef Jerky- Jerky is a fantastic diet-friendly snack because it is packed with protein and flavor to last all day. Eating a protein-filled snack is sure to keep you fuller longer.
  4. String Cheese- Check out our refrigerated section, and you are sure to find some string cheese. String cheese, especially mozzarella, is filled with healthy fats, Vitamin A and calcium. It’s a perfect, low-carb, grab-and-go snack item.
  5. Yogurt- Another snack that is high is calcium and loaded with healthy fats is yogurt. Be sure to check the labels, as some tend to be high in sugar. But grab a Greek yogurt cup for the road, and the protein will leave you full long after you eat.
  6. Whole grain cereal cups- A cup of low-sugar cereal is a fantastic, diet friendly snack that provides you with carbs and fiber to give you the energy you need to combat the rest of your day.

Dieting should never be inconvenient. At Cubbard Express, we will have a variety of healthy snacks available to you, no matter your diet and lifestyle. Our convenient stores make healthy living more convenient than ever.