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Local Gas Station in Hickory, NCMost of the time people shop for gas when they realize their fuel tank has dipped below a quarter tank and only then do they begin paying attention to who has the best deal, and which one is easiest to get in and out of. The tips below are going to make that a bit more complex, but for good reason, because there are good times and bad times to visit your local gas station that can make a bigger impact than you might think.

  • Saving Money – If saving money is important to you, there are three tips that can help. First, prices are generally higher on the weekends, so visit your local gas station during the week for the best price. Two, don’t buy a higher octane than your vehicle requires. You won’t save enough in fuel efficiency to warrant the higher price. Three, choose the coolest time of the day to fill up the tank. Gas volume is affected by temperature, so you actually get more gas for the same amount when it is cooler.
  • Staying Safe: Your Vehicle – Some fueling mistakes can be bad for your vehicle. First, don’t pump gas if the local gas station is being fueled, as this riles up sediment from the tank bottom, which could damage your vehicle’s engine over time. You can minimize the effect of any sediment in your fuel tank by not running the tank below a quarter. It is also best not to fill up when it is raining as you increase the chance of getting water in the fuel tank. Never top off the tank as that isn’t good for the vehicle, and those little bursts you’re adding aren’t always the amount of fuel registering on the pump because they aren’t designed to operate that way.
  • Staying Safe: You – Be observant and think about your own safety. Block the keypad with your body to prevent prying eyes when entering your PIN. Don’t leave your car unlocked. Watch people coming near your vehicle. If something feels uncomfortable, end the sale and leave. Do not leave your vehicle or use your cell phone during fueling.

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