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Everything You Need to Know About Premium and Regular Gas

Most know that there are different choices in gas when you go to fill up at the gas pump. But many do not know the differences between premium and regular gas. The most obvious difference between these two gas choices is the price. Premium gas is always more expensive than regular gas.

Other than price, the other difference is octane level. Octane is the amount of compression the fuel can take before igniting. The higher the octane level, the more stable the fuel. There are three levels of octane: regular, midgrade, and premium. The regular is the lowest level of octane and premium is the highest.

If you are thinking that the premium gas will give you better gas mileage, you may or may not be correct. It really depends on your car. The most important thing is to use the gas recommended by your car’s manufacturer. We don’t recommend switching back and forth between gas types.

No matter the type of gas your vehicle needs, we are confident that we can offer you great prices as well as convenient locations that are clean and safe. Stop by one of our 13 Cubbard Express locations to fill up your car with gas, grab a quick bite to eat, or sip our delicious coffee.