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Cheap GasWhen your gas tank is getting low, you need to start thinking about the best place to fill up.  Gas can be expensive these days, and you don’t want to spend a fortune filling up your gas tank.  You want to find cheap gas at a location that is convenient and close by.  Your local convenience store is your best bet to find cheap gas, and you can also get some other errands done while you are at it.

Besides cheap gas, your local convenience store will carry many different drinks and snacks for affordable prices.  You can get a hot coffee from the coffee bar that you can make just like you like it.  They have milk, cream, sugar, and Sweet’N Low to add to your coffee for no additional charge.  They also usually have a great selection of coffee creamers.  If you are in the mood for a cold drink, there is a large selection of bottled sodas, water, sports drinks, juices, and milks to choose from.  You can also get an ice cold fountain drink.

Snacks at the convenience store can’t be beat. They have chocolate, candy bars, liquorice, hard candies, gummy candies and much more. They usually carry some items that you can’t find in the grocery store. They also have a variety of chips, nuts and pretzels if you want something salty, as well as a variety of hot foods like hot dogs, nachos, and burritos.  You can also pick up a few doughnuts or cookies.

If you are looking for a great place to get cheap gas and snacks, stop by Cubbard Express today.  We keep our prices low because we know how important it is for our customers to save money wherever they can.  We also sell lottery tickets and have an ATM at every location.  Stop by today for cheap gas, delicious treats, and great customer service.