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Local Convenience Store in Hickory, NC

If you are one of those people that hits up your local convenience store just for gas and because you pay at the pump you haven’t been inside other than for an occasional sweet tooth or snack craving remedy, you might not realize that there are some great reasons to check it out a bit more thoroughly. You already know you save time over going to a large grocery store and that works out well when you just need one or two items, but here are some other benefits you might not have thought about.

  1. Fresh Coffee – Making a whole pot of coffee at home that you grab one travel mug out of as you race out the door isn’t very cost effective. Neither are those high-priced coffee shop offerings. You might be surprised at both the flavor and the affordability of coffee at your local convenience store. It is fresh throughout the day too!
  2. Soda – Fountain soda is quite a bit less money than bottled or canned soda. In addition, because you control how much ice you put into the cup, you’ll get more soda for your money than you would going through a fast food drive-through. Ever try to ask them for light ice? It rarely works.
  3. Pricing – It is a mistake to think that prices on everything at a local convenience store is higher. Many commonly purchased staples can actually be lower in cost. It is a common misconception that the prices are higher because you’re paying for the convenience. The reality is that they pay more for inventory because they lack the buying power of a large grocery chain.
  4. Ease of Shopping – Ever notice that it can take an hour or more to shop at a large store and you’ve walked back and forth for what feels like miles trying to find everything? Shopping at your local convenience store will be far less tiring. Another advantage is that you are less likely to grab something that is out of date due to faster turnover and less inventory for them to keep up with rotating and inspecting. They often have a better selection of scratch-off lottery tickets too.

Here at Cubbard Express, we strive to make your shopping experience one that will have you gladly coming back. Next time you come by for gas, check out our coffee, soda, and other offerings that could just surprise you. With 12 Cubbard Express locations in the Hickory, North Carolina metro area, you’ll be able to find the local convenience store that best fits your busy schedule.