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Hot FoodsThe struggle of what to have for lunch is a problem across America; to pack a lunch, or grab a hot lunch? At Cubbard Express, we are here to solve that problem. As long as our store is open, we provide convenient, hot food that you can grab and go.

There are many benefits to eating hot foods. Hot foods provide the body with more usable energy than cold foods. Ingesting hot foods aids the body in regulating body temperature. Especially in a colder climate, eating a warm meal warms your body from the inside out. In addition to warming up your body, ingesting hot foods aid in maintaining low body weight. By eating a warm meal, your body becomes more satisfied and your appetite is more quickly suppressed than by eating a cold meal.

Our bodies, compared to cold foods, more easily digest hot foods. When our food is warm, we are able to absorb more nutrients. Finally, eating a warm feel just makes us feel good.  Experts suggest that nothing can improve our emotional and mental state than consuming a warm, fresh meal.

With hot foods offering better digestion, more useable energy and mood-boosting benefits, why not skip the packed, cold lunch and stop by and see us instead? At Cubbard Express, we know you are busy. We want you to enjoy a hot meal, but skip the lines at the local drive-thru. Our hot foods are made daily with quality ingredients that are sure to boost your morale, one lunch at a time.