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tips on chilling your beer and drinks
All of us are so busy these days that it’s no surprise that we are occasionally even late to our own get-togethers. Whether it is a last-minute gathering of friends or a game night that you forgot about until a few minutes before your guests arrive, one of the polite things to do is to have a cool beverage to offer them. What should you do when you haven’t had the time to cool your beers and other beverages before guests arrive? Here are a few tips to chill your beer and beverages choices in record time.

  • Utilize your convenience stores. One of the easiest ways to get chilled beer and other beverages is to grab them already chilled from your convenience store. While this might seem like a cheat method, it’s also a time saver and highly effective!
  • Paper towel & freezer method. Wrap individual bottles or cans of beer in a wet/damp paper towel and put them in the freezer for about ten minutes. While you chat with your guests, your drinks will drop in temperature far faster than if you were to put them in the fridge. Just don’t leave any un-claimed drinks in your freezer after ten minutes — beer cans and soda cans both can freeze and burst, leaving you with a sticky and chilly mess to clean.
  • Ice & salt. Place your beer or other beverage in a large bowl of ice, some water, and some salt. Table salt will do just fine in this case. Your drinks will be icy and chilled in as little as five minutes with this method.