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How to Save Money on Gas

If you are like most people, gas for your car is one of your regular purchases.  Our team of experts has compiled our best tips on how to save money on gas in the article below. Check it out!

  • Set the cruise. Setting the cruise control can help you save money on gas.  When you are traveling at a consistent speed instead of frequently speeding up and slowing down, you will get better gas mileage.
  • Check your alignment and tire pressure. When your car is not properly aligned or if your tires do not have the correct air pressure, this can put extra drag on your car while traveling.  The extra drag means that your car needs to work harder to move forward, which will increase the amount of gas used.  Save money on gas by ensuring that your car is properly and aligned and your tires have the correct air pressure.
  • Utilize gas station rewards. Many gas stations offer reward programs for their frequent customers.  You can save money on gas and other gas station convenience store purchases by opting into these programs when available.
  • Purchase a fuel-efficient vehicle. If you are in the market for a new car, you can save money on gas by purchasing a more fuel-efficient vehicle.  Newer models of cars and trucks are typically designed with fuel-efficient technology.
  • Price shop. Our team of experts recommend price shopping your gasoline.  While the gas station next to your home is very convenient, the station next to your office might be a better price.  Take note of gas prices at gas stations around you to find the best price and save money on gas.