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How to Take Advantage of Convenience Store Specials

Our team here at Cubbard Express knows that just about everyone is looking for ways to save money. However, trying to save money doesn’t necessarily have to mean shopping less—instead, you can shop smarter. When it comes to shopping at convenience stores, you can adopt the same strategies you would use for any other store and look for special deals to take advantage of. In this article, our team will give you some tips on how to do that.

  • Follow Their Social Media- In today’s interconnected world, just about every business has a presence on social media. Following a company’s social media account is a great way to learn about special deals and promotions—often before they’re advertised on more traditional sources like radio or newspaper ads. You can follow our team at Cubbard Express on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Google+ to be the first to learn about our convenience store specials.
  • Enroll in Their Rewards Program- Another way to get more convenience store specials is to enroll in the store’s rewards program. You can earn points every time to make a purchase, so spending money on gas, snacks, or anything else can add up to free items down the road. Most rewards programs also involve a discount on all purchases, so you can start saving money immediately.
  • Bring Your Own Cup for Drinks- One of the most common convenience store specials is a discount on both hot and cold drinks when you bring your own cup, or buy a refillable cup from the store. At Cubbard Express, we offer the Cub Cup, which has an initial price of $5.99 and a subsequent cost of just 25 cents per refill. If you’re a frequent customer, the refillable option is an investment that’s more than worth it.