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Local Convenience Store in Hickory, NCMost people think about the time savings of stopping at a convenience store and expect that the prices will be higher, so it isn’t really a way to save money. While the prices for some items are higher than you’d find at a grocery store or other retailer, that isn’t the case with every product. There are other considerations which come into play that could have you save money in the long run.

Consider the times when your spouse asks you to pick up milk on your way home from work. What has usually happened? Did you just spend the $3 or so for the milk or did you end up with a cart of other things and a tab of $50 or more? They place the milk at the back of the store for just that reason – so you’ll impulse shop and spend more. While there are a few teaser things at a convenience store too, it won’t be quite as bad as what happens at a larger store.

Consider the value of your time. How long will it take to make that quick stop at the convenience store? It’s a fair bet that it will be far less than circling the parking lot at the grocery store, walking to the back for the milk, standing in line to check out, and walk out to the farthest corner of the parking lot where you were forced to park. Add to that the fact that you’ll probably have to drive out of your way a bit to get there, and you could end up with nearly an hour of lost time you could have spent with your family. Plus, you can also fuel up at the same time, so it isn’t even an extra stop.

Another thing to note is that here at Cubbard Express, serving the Hickory metro area, we often have convenience store specials and other discounts and deals that will help you save money. We strive to keep our prices reasonable, so you aren’t paying a huge amount for the convenience of avoiding the large store. Many of our items are even lower in cost. Stop by today and see for yourself the many ways you can save money and time at a convenience store.