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Local ATMIn our digital world, it’s most convenient to whip out your credit or debit card when paying for things. You don’t have to hassle with change, and your expenses are tallied up neatly in your bank account where you have a “paper trail” of where your money went. Plus you don’t have to worry about losing money by dropping it on accident. Unfortunately, millions of Americans are experiencing crippling debt due in part to this easy payment system.

When we moved away from using cash to purchase things, it became easier to remove ourselves from taking accountability for our spending. With nearly endless credit available to us, it’s easy to “buy now and pay later”, and once you get sucked into this mentality, it’s tough to dig your way back out.

One way to get back on track with your spending and money management is to use a cash budgeting system to track your expenses. Here’s how it works.

Sit down and figure out your budget for the month. It might take a few months to sort out exactly how much you want to spend on food or gas, but to start off, make your best estimate. Make sure you plan a budget for all of your expenses, including eating out, clothing, entertainment, etc. Next head to your local ATM and take out all the money you plan to spend for the month (or for just two weeks if you need to wait for your next paycheck to come in). Put your cash into separate envelopes marked for each spending category, and that’s it! This is the money you have to spend for that month.

Once you start paying in cash, you are able to better visualize how much you are really spending. And when the money runs out, that’s it. You have to wait till the next paycheck or month begins to hit the local ATM for you next round of cash. This self-accountability system works wonderfully as you learn self-control and budgeting strategies that will help you get control of your spending.

At Cubbard Express, we are proud to offer a local ATM at each of our stores in the Hickory, NC area to help you with your cash spending budgeting strategy. Stop by and visit us today!