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get kid-friendly snacks

When it comes time to take a trip with the family, it can quickly go from a good old family vacation to what feels like a long and torturous joke where your misery is the punch line! As any parent knows, travelling with kids isn’t easy, but there are certainly things you can do to make the trip more enjoyable. Entertainment selection is important, but perhaps even more so are the snacks! In order to get kid-friendly snacks that don’t completely trash your vehicle, read on to find some tips on selecting the right options.

Because snacks geared towards children are almost always loaded with sugar, be wise about which snacks that you choose. Without a little discernment, you will end up with a lot of sugary coating and sticky fingers absolutely everywhere. Instead, find candies that are meant to last a long time with minimal stickiness. Things like candy necklaces, gummy bears that can be distributed in small quantities, and other gummies are ideal. Chocolate candies should be kept in a cooler and only distributed at rest stops whenever possible.

In addition to avoiding stickiness, avoid the sugar highs and lows that accompany a road trip by also packing snacks that are from different food groups. Many places will sell pre-sliced apples, string cheese, jerky, and crackers as well, all of which make for great kid-friendly snacks that can easily be eaten without utensils.

Here at Cubbard Express, we would love to hear how you manage hunger and traveling with children! Let us know about your favorite snacks, tips and advice below in the comments.