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The Best Hot Foods at Gas Stations

No road trip (or any drive) is complete without some delicious snacks and treats from the gas station.  Unlike a limited supply of candy, chips, and soda of the past, gas stations today have stepped up their hot foods and snack game.  In the article below, our team of experts review some of the best hot food options at gas stations.  Continue to the article below to see our list of favorites.

  • Soup- Soup is definitely an under-appreciated option when it comes to gas station hot foods. Many gas stations will purchase pre-made soup from food vendors that are high-end and taste amazing.  If it is a chilly day and you are looking for some comfort food, gas station soup could be a great option.
  • Hot Dog- Nothing beats a classic hot dog when you are craving something fast and delicious. There is something nostalgic about getting a hot dog fresh off the roller from a gas station.  This, in our expert opinion, is a classic that cannot be beat.
  • Pizza- Believe it or not, pizza is the latest trend in hot foods at gas stations. Usually served by the slice, gas station pizza can be the perfect, satisfying lunch when you are busy on the go.

Here at Cubbard Express, we believe that hot foods at the gas station should be high quality and great tasting anytime.  If you are located in the Hickory Metro area, check out one of our 13 stores.  All of our stores are open 6 a.m. to midnight every day.  We will be here for you when you are craving something delicious on the go.