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Local ATM

When you pull into a local convenience store to use the ATM, you may be thinking that you just want to get your cash and get on your way. However, despite the convenience of having an ATM right where you need it as you go about your day, using these three safety tips will help you have a better ATM experience each time you need cash.

1. Check Your Surroundings – While a local ATM should have a working camera, it never hurts to take a look around and note your surroundings. How many people are in the store, were any of them waiting to use the ATM, and what did the person look like who was there before you?

2. Look at The Card Slot – There are lots of ways for thieves to attain your card information, but one of the primary ways they can steal your card numbers is using a “skimmer” that is attached to the card slot at a gas pump or on the local ATM. Take a look at the card slot and even take a moment to wiggle the slider before you place your card in to get cash.

3. Alert the Clerk – If you notice anything suspicious about a local ATM or it isn’t working properly, you should alert a store clerk right away. The sooner they know there is a problem, the sooner it can be resolved and make the ATM safe for use again.

Protecting your own information will also help your community members who use the local ATM at the nearest convenience store. At Cubbard Express, we do everything we can to provide a safe, friendly, and convenient place for you to get the cash you need and purchase items that make your day better. Let us know how we can serve you as your top convenience store choice.