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Local Convenience Store

If you aren’t accustomed to shopping at your local convenience store, you may be surprised to learn that there are lots of reasons why this is your one-stop-shop for many items. In fact, your local convenience store may even host some unique items that you might not otherwise find at a traditional grocery store or other shopping location.

1.  ATM – If you need to draw out some cash so you can make a purchase, pay back a friend, budget for your weekend, or anything else that requires a cash transaction, you’ll find a safe and convenient ATM at your local convenience store.

2.  Convenience Store Specials – Your local convenience store will also have some unique in-store specials that may make it easier to get out on the road or stock up your fridge at home. Whether you like to stop in and get cheap soda refills or you like browsing the snack aisle for “buy one get one” deals, there is something for everyone at the local convenience store!

3.  Cheap Gas – A third thing that you may be surprised to find is cheaper gas. While you stop to grab a drink, you’ll also be able to top off your tank, making your local convenience store the ideal one-stop-shop for all your food, beverage and refueling needs.

You’ll find all of these unique items with us at Cubbard Express and much more! We have multiple locations throughout the Hickory Metro area, so you’ll always feel confident your local convenience store isn’t too far away. Come by and see us today!