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Convenience Store Specials

As you determine that you need to make a run to the store, you may be thinking that your preferred grocery store is so far across town and you really don’t want to go that far. There’s the local convenience store down the stress, but will they really have what you need?

Then again – the last time you went in, they had some really great convenience store specials. Maybe you could take advantage of those again?

When you walk in the door, the first thing you notice is that there is a pretty good selection of food items, and it isn’t all just chocolate and breath mints. There are actually some items you can microwave at home, and there is even a sale on some of your favorite treats!

A few minutes later as you browse the beverage aisle, you notice more convenience store specials on some of the drinks. Not only can you get the milk you needed to restock your fridge, but there are some other beverages, too that would make a nice addition to your food and beverage choices.

As you prepare to leave, you notice that the store has some of the cheapest gas in town. Who doesn’t want to save on gas these days? The store clerk tells you that they always have competitive prices, and this store is a one-stop-shop for all your food, beverage and gasoline requirements.

Feeling glad you went into the Cubbard Express, you decide that convenience store specials are better than you thought and you’re going to make this store your new destination any time you need to make a quick trip out.