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Top Local Gas Station Hacks

Visiting the local gas station is a part of many of our daily routines.  If you are a frequent customer of your local gas station, check out the article below for the top gas station hacks that you need to know.

  • Save money on coffee. Skip the expensive coffee shop and start buying your morning cup of coffee at your local gas station.  You might be surprised at how delicious gas station coffee is, and it will save you lots of money and time.
  • Gas pumps are touched by hundreds of people a day and carry a lot of germs, so we recommend purchasing a travel size hand sanitized to keep in your glove box from your local gas station.  Almost all gas stations carry travel size sanitizer, and many gas stations are now adding sanitizing wipes to their gas pumps for their customers.
  • Eat healthy. Today’s gas stations are health conscience and offer a variety of healthy snacks, fresh fruit, and healthy hot food options in stores.  Many local gas stations are taking it one step further and now offer fresh, pre-made salads, sandwiches, yogurts, cheese, nuts, hard boiled eggs, and more.
  • Watch for deals. Many local gas stations will offer bundle deals.  For example, a gas station might offer customers a free drink or cup of coffee with the purchase of gas or a car wash.  These are great promotions to save money on items you buy often, so be sure to keep a look out for bundle deals at your local gas station.