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CoolerLots of us spend long days on the road, whether it’s driving for work or road tripping for a fun vacation. Luckily, our team at Cubbard Express has your back, and we can help keep your car and your body fueled for days when you are spending hours in the car. We are proud to offer a selection of coolers to help make your road trips more convenient. Once you choose a cooler, what should you put in it?

  • Beverages. This is a no brainer! Having cold drinks in the car goes a long way to make your car trip more enjoyable. Warm soda? No thanks! Take a cooler with you to keep your soda and other beverages at a refreshing temperature. It will help you stay awake and keep you hydrated while you drive.
  • Fruits & Vegetables. You can bring chopped fruits and vegetables, like apples and baby carrots, from home or check out our selection of produce at the store. These are great road tripping companions, and your cooler will keep them fresh and cool during your trip.
  • Chocolate. No one wants to eat a half-melted Hershey’s bar. Keep your chocolate snacks in your cooler so they are still appetizing to eat when you are ready for them during your drive. Save yourself the disappointment of reaching for that candy bar when the moment is right only to find that it has been sitting in the sun for the last two hours and is a soggy mess.
  • Ice. The ice keeps the food and beverages in the cooler cold, but it has an added benefit. You can use it to suck on as a treat or just to give you something to do while you’re bored driving. Plus, do you tend to get a headache from all that driving in the sun? Pull over and lay back while you put some ice on your head, and you’ll feel better in no time.

We know you’ll get tons of use out of our coolers. Stop by and pick one up today!