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local convenience storeAs your local convenience store, at Cubbard Express, we take pride in the fact that we carry everything you need to start your work day. The next time you stop in for coffee or to fill up your tank with gas, there are a few things to keep in mind that you might not know about our local convenience store and other stores located throughout the country.

  • Convenience Store Coffee- If you come into our local convenience store regularly to get your coffee fix, you’re definitely not alone. On a daily basis, convenience stores located throughout the U.S. sell an average of 11 million cups of coffee.
  • Spending at Convenience Stores- About $1 out of every $23 that is spent in the U.S. is spent at convenience stores. This equates to approximately $1.7 billion spent at convenience stores on a daily basis.
  • The Average Visit- The average convenience store visit takes a little over 3.5 minutes. Comparatively, the average person spends 41 minutes shopping every time they go to the grocery store. If you ask us, you could save yourself a ton of time just stopping by one of our local convenience store locations when you only need to pick up one or two things.

At Cubbard Express, we sell gas, coffee, beer, snacks, lottery tickets, and pretty much anything else you could want when you stop by a convenience store. The next time you’re out and about running errands or travelling, stop by and check out what makes our convenience stores stand out.