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Hot FoodsThere are times when you need hot foods fast. While typical fast food eateries are usually faster than sit down restaurants, sometimes you don’t even have the time for that, especially since they aren’t as fast as they used to be. An option you might not have thought about is convenience stores. You may have ducked in for a coffee now and then or a candy bar after you fueled up your car, but you might want to linger a bit next time and see what hot foods they have to offer. Then you’ll be all set for when a time crunch has you looking for hot foods without the wait.

Getting hot foods on the go is an excellent way to free up time on your schedule for doing things you enjoy. Instead of spending an hour or more at lunch and dinner, you could have something hot and tasty selected, purchased, and eaten in half that time. You might even save some money in the bargain. The prices at fast food and regular restaurants have risen, and you don’t always get your money’s worth. It might just surprise you how affordable the hot foods are at a convenience store.

If you are in a rush or just have better things to do with your time than sit in a long drive-thru window, stop by your local Cubbard Express with 12 locations in the Hickory metro area. We’re perfect for that late-night craving too! We keep our prices reasonable and competitive, so you can enjoy our filling and delicious hot foods without breaking your budget.