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Hot FoodsAt Cubbard Express, we have a wide variety of food options, including a hot foods section at each of our convenience stores. Stopping in at the convenience store doesn’t have to mean an unhealthy and indulgent meal. Our hot foods section is a great way to have a balanced meal and keep you on track with your healthy eating goals.

Choosing hot foods for your meal at Cubbard Express is a great way to get a complete meal rather than having endless snacks throughout the day. A lot of snack food tends to be made up mostly of carbohydrates, which your body processes fairly quickly, leaving you hungry for another snack within the hour. If you choose something from our hot foods section, you’ll be getting a more complete meal that includes some protein and fat along with the carbs. This combination will leave you full and satisfied, so you’re free to move on with your day without feeling hunger pangs and being distracted looking around for your next snack. A hot dog or a breakfast sandwich is a great choice for a well-rounded meal. Top it off with a juice or water for your beverage, and maybe an apple or bag of nuts on the side, and you’ve got yourself a healthy, satisfying meal.

We are proud to offer lots of options for the next time hunger strikes and you need a quick refuel to keep you going. Of course, we offer plenty of candy bars and other snacks you can keep on hand for an emergency pick-me-up if you feel like you’re dragging. Just be sure to not pass by our hot foods section the next time you’re in– you won’t be disappointed!