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hot coffee from a gas station tastes so good

The first thing you need when you wake up in the morning is a cup of hot coffee, right?  Coffee can help you feel less tired and gives you an increased energy level.  Some mornings are so chaotic, and you just don’t have time to make yourself breakfast at home.  On mornings like that, you run out the door and realize you didn’t remember to pour yourself any coffee in your travel coffee mug.  Did you know that your local gas station has fresh, hot coffee?  The coffee at a busy gas station never gets stale or cold.  Because of the fast-paced environment, fresh coffee is constantly brewing and ready at a moment’s notice.  There are a few reasons why hot coffee from a gas station tastes so good.

First, you didn’t have to make it yourself.  There is something about food and drinks that are made for you that just give them a satisfying taste.  Our team here at Cubbard Express is constantly checking to make sure the coffee is never running low and the station is filled with creamer, sugar and everything else you might want to add to your cup.

Secondly, hot coffee from a gas station is made with only the finest coffee grounds.  You will never find old, stale or expired coffee.  Hundreds of people come in and out of a gas station, never giving time for coffee to even think about getting cold.  The delightful smell will hit your nose the second the doors open.

Lastly, fresh, hot coffee has multiple health benefits.  Coffee beans carry a number of nutrients, such as riboflavin and magnesium.  Coffee is also high in antioxidants.  Studies show that you can get more antioxidants from your coffee than you can in your daily fruits and vegetables combined.   Hot coffee also contains caffeine, which will give you the energy you need to make it through the day.  So when you are on your way to work in the morning, do yourself a favor and stop at your local gas station and get a fresh cup of coffee to go.