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Food and Beverages

If you are like many shoppers, you may feel like stopping at the convenience store is just to fill up on a tank of gas and get back out on the road. But what if you could actually save yourself the extra trip by stepping inside your local convenience store to easily shop for food and beverages? At Cubbard Express, we provide our customers with a variety of snacks, hot foods, beverages, coffee and much more, so you never have to go too far to pick up the items you need. Whether it’s a quick trip for one thing or you are planning your next road trip, one stop with us will have you ready to go with all the food and beverages you were looking for.

Not only do we keep name brand items in-stock, but we also refresh our food and beverages regularly, so you’ll always see the most recent items on our shelves. Stop in for a cup of coffee that you can make how you like it, grab a bottle of aspirin for that headache that’s coming on, and let your kids choose a snack as a reward for their good behavior at school that day. At Cubbard Express, we even have Cub Cups that make getting refills on your favorite beverages easy and cheap – only 99 cents! We also regularly have convenience store specials, so you can easily pick up the items you need to restock your fridge or host a weekend get-together.

Choosing your local convenience store for food and beverages can offer the convenience that you are looking for. Stop by your nearest Cubbard Express today to shop our food and beverages and see why we are your convenience store of choice!