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Local Convenience StoreIn the course of just about every day, little issues can pop up that you didn’t plan on. You sit your kids down to breakfast and realize you are out of milk for their cereal. You get in the car to head to work and notice your car’s gas tank is precariously low on fuel. A nightmare cost you valuable sleep and you need some extra caffeine about mid-morning to keep going. The list goes on and on. What you may not realize is that many of the hurdles you face each day can be resolved with a trip to your local convenience store.

The last thing you need is these minor problems derailing your schedule, but with the quick service you’ll get at a local convenience store, you’ll be back on track in no time. Since your local convenience store has such a wide variety of things you need, it will bail you out on more things than you might think. The alternatives, such as going across town to the grocery store, being the tenth car in line at the fast food window, or hoping to catch the bank open to get some cash, are far more invasive on your time than hitting up the local convenience store for coffee, a hot meal, and the ATM.

At Cubbard Express, we have everything you need to deal with many of life’s little challenges. We offer so much more than just gas. Come in for coffee, soda, candy, beer, lottery tickets, hot food, and a secure ATM.  Oh, and we have milk for your family’s cereal too!