Cub Cups: Available Now in Hickory NC!

Our cub cups can be refilled as often as you’d like for just $0.99 per refill at any Hickory, NC area Cubbard Express store.

cub-cup1Do you like supporting your favorite school? Do you enjoy fountain drinks? Do you like saving money? If you answered yes to these three questions, then Cubbard Express has a great deal for you! We now have cub cups, which give you the ability to enjoy your favorite drinks while showing your support and saving money.

Cub cups come with a number of local school’s insignias printed on the cup, so everywhere you go with your cup, you will be showing your support for education. There is a one-time fee for the cup, $5.99, and you can refill it as often as you like for just $0.99 per refill. If you are a student at Hickory High, Bandy’s High, Alexander Central High, Saint Stephens High, Fred T Foard High, Bunker Hill High, or Catawba Valley Community College, just bring in your student ID and save $1.00 off the price of cub cups.

You won’t want to wait to get yours because we only have a limited supply. The cub cups are durable enough to last, and they are attractive enough that you’ll feel great taking them everywhere you go. They have a secure lid and a straw that has a covering lid for keeping dirt and flying insects out of your fountain drink. Cub cups can be refilled with either fountain drinks or slushies, although selection may vary at different Cubbard Express stores.

In addition to being so useful and saving you money, cub cups help keep all those disposable cups out of our landfills, so you can feel good about making the decision to get cub cups. It’s just one more way we work to keep our beloved Hickory, NC community a nice place to live! We are locally owned and operated, so we have a vested interest in our community and its residents. Come in and get your cub cups today!

Come on in and purchase one while supplies last!


Cub Cups