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We have several convenient locations throughout the Hickory, NC area, and you’ll always save money on gas here at Cubbard Express.

When your gas gauge has that bright indicator that you are riding on fumes, the last thing you want to do is have to drive miles out of your way to save money on gas. But that doesn’t mean you want to pay a higher amount, either. You won’t have to when you come to any of the Cubbard Express locations in Hickory, NC and the surrounding area. We have convenient locations, and you’ll always save money on gas. We do everything we can to keep our prices competitive, particularly on gas, which we know is important to your budget.

In addition to being able to save money on gas due to lower prices, by being a one-stop location for all the other things you need, you will also save on how much gas you go through each week. There is no need to go one place for drinks, another for lottery tickets, and yet another for those things you always seem to run out of like milk, bread and cigarettes. We have everything you need, so you’ll save money on gas instead of driving from place to place.

We also make it convenient for you to fill your vehicle’s gas tank. Our pumps accept all major credit cards, and we also have an automated teller machine (ATM) on the premises if you need to get out some cash for your gas, other purchases, or spending money for the day. We want to be the local gas station that you turn to for convenience, as well as the best way to save money on gas. By having fair prices and friendly staff, we are sure you’ll agree that we are the best option around.