If you ever need a cooler full of snacks before taking a road trip, stop by one of our stores to pick up everything you need.

Local Beer StorePicture this: You’re getting ready to head out of town on a road trip and you’re confident that you didn’t forget to pack anything. However, after you drive a couple miles up the road, you realize that you forgot to pack a cooler with snacks and drinks for your travels. What do you do?

If your answer wasn’t to stop at Cubbard Express to pick up a cooler, it should be. We have several different sizes of coolers available for purchase at our 13 stores located throughout the Hickory Metro area. We know that you won’t have any trouble finding one of our convenience stores to stop at after you realize that you’ve left your cooler behind.

Not only do we have coolers available for sale, but we also have everything you need to fill up your newly purchased cooler. From ice and drinks to candy and snacks, we’ll make sure that you don’t get back on the road again without everything you need to make your trip enjoyable.

After you stop for a cooler, you may also want to get some cash out of the ATM, fill up your tank with gas, or try your luck with the lottery. Fortunately, we have gas for a competitive price, ATMs in each one of our stores, and lottery tickets available for purchase.

With all of the things that our convenience stores have to offer, forgetting the cooler isn’t such a bad thing after all. If you’d like to know more about the products and services we provide at our stores, contact us at Cubbard Express today.