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The hot foods that we have to offer at our stores are delicious and made out of quality ingredients.

Sometimes, a candy bar or a piece of fresh fruit just won’t cut it. If you want something hot to eat and you don’t have the time or the energy to cook it yourself, come and visit us at Cubbard Express. We have a wide selection of hot foods that are made with quality ingredients at each one of our 13 stores.

The best part is that as long as one of our convenience stores is open, we’ll have hot foods available for sale. Whether you’re craving a late-night snack or you want to start your day off right with something warm and comforting, you can find it at one of our stores.

Although the hot foods we have to offer are filling and delicious, this doesn’t mean that they’re expensive. At Cubbard Express, we strive to keep the prices on all of our products low and competitive.

While you’re in one of our convenience stores picking up some hot food, we encourage you to take a look around at all of the other things we have to offer. For example, you can pick up a cold drink to go with your meal or grab a candy bar for later when you’re at your desk and need something to boost your energy.

The next time you’re hungry and want something to eat, make the right choice and come into one of our stores. We have locations in Hildebran, Newton, Hickory, Claremont, Lenoir, Hiddenite, and Connelly Springs, North Carolina.