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We have a local ATM in each of our locations in the Hickory, NC area, so you can get cash fast for getting through your day.

You are headed to work and realize you don’t have money for parking, or that life-saving vending machine at work. It doesn’t have to be a disaster. Simply stop by one of our convenient locations in Hickory, NC and the surrounding area. At Cubbard Express, we have a local ATM in each of our locations, so you can get cash fast for getting through your day. Not only that, but with our competitive prices, you might be wise to skip the vending machines altogether by getting some snacks from us.

Using a local ATM that is outside of a bank or some other outdoor location can be risky. Not only are you out in the elements, but criminals could hack your transaction. A local ATM that isn’t visible is one that is easier for a criminal to add a scanner onto, and you’d never be the wiser, until your bank account is cleaned out. With our indoor ATM, there is far less chance of this happening. A criminal is not going to have much luck tinkering with an ATM that is under the constant surveillance of our staff and heavy customer foot traffic.

Another benefit of using our local ATM is that if you need smaller bills, you can take care of that here. The parking attendant will be much happier if you can hand them the necessary $1 bill instead of making change for a $20 bill. You’ll save time zipping through that way, too.

Come by and use our safer local ATM and get those snacks and drinks for later in the day. We guarantee that it is probably a lot fresher than what you’ll find in that vending machine, too.