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We understand what you want and need from a local gas station in Hickory, NC and endeavor to make that a reality for you.

When you go to a local gas station, there are three things you want to see – low prices, pumps that are clean and work properly, and supplies for cleaning your windshield. An extra bonus is having a convenience store, as well, for getting a drink or snack for the road. At Cubbard Express, we understand what you want and need from a local gas station and endeavor to make that a reality for you.

First and foremost, we strive to keep our gas prices competitive. Our many locations throughout Hickory, NC and the surrounding area are locally owned and operated. We have a vested interest in our community and its citizens, so we want to make sure you can still afford the rest of your expenses after filling the tank.

We take the time to make sure our pumps are always operating correctly, that they are clean and have been supplied with receipt paper. If for any reason you are having trouble with a pump, let us know, and we’ll take care of it promptly.

Most people take the opportunity when filling the tank to wash the vehicle’s windshield and other windows as needed. That can’t happen if the appropriate equipment and supplies are lacking. We keep everything stocked and replace window squeegees on a regular basis, so you can be confident you will not damage your vehicle when you use them. Again, if you have any issues, we hope you’ll let us know so we can get it corrected right away.

A local gas station is more than a place to get gas. It should be a place you feel safe, too. We have great lighting, competitive prices, and supplies, so your refueling experience will always be a pleasant one.

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FAQs About Our Local Gas Station

Here at Cubbard Express, we understand what our customers want and need when they stop at a local gas station. We know people expect high-quality gasoline at competitive prices, a wide range of snacks and drinks to choose from, and clean, welcoming facilities. If you stop by any of our locally owned gas stations in the Hickory area, we want to ensure your experience is as convenient and pleasant as possible.

Does your gas station offer special deals or promotions?

Yes! Every month, our team comes together to talk about different items we will offer for sale to ensure our customers can get great deals on their favorite products. Whenever you stop by, you can expect to find promotions for various snacks, drinks, and other convenience items.

How do you keep your gas prices competitive?

As a locally owned and operated gas station, we understand that we have to work extra hard to keep up with other major convenience store chains. We strive to keep tabs on current market trends so that we can always offer competitive prices on the fuel you need to get back on the road.

What makes your gas station different from your competitors?

Since we are local to the Hickory region, we have a deeper understanding of what people in this area want and need when they stop by a convenience store. Our friendly and diligent staff members are happy to help you find what you need when you visit us, and we’ll always make sure our indoor and outdoor areas are clean and well-organized. If you’d like to see how we can make your day a little bit brighter, we encourage you to visit one of our local gas stations to check out what we have in store!

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